Cinema & Visual arts

I watch a lot of cinema and generally enjoy observing the reality through its visual component. Here I am going to collect some of the movies I find beautiful. I will also try to add my comments but this might take a while

Dolls, 2002
dir. Takeshi Kitano

Астенический синдром (The Asthenic Syndrome), 1989
dir. Kira Muratova

大象席地而坐 (An Elephant Sitting Still), 2018
dir. Hu Bo

蘋果的滋味 (The Taste of Apples), 1983
dir. Wan Ren

Я тоже хочу (Me Too), 2012
dir. Aleksey Balabanov

Cría cuervos (Raise ravens), 1976
dir. Carlos Saura